Dez Maye, Instant Dry Yeast

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28 آذر 1391

What is Yeast

Yeasts are single-celled fungi. As fungi, they are related to the other fungi that people are more familiar with. These include edible mushrooms available at the supermarket, common baker’s yeast used to leaven bread, molds that ripen blue cheese and the molds that produce antibiotics for medical and veterinary use. Many consider edible yeast and fungi to be as natural as fruits and vegetables.



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2 آذر 1391

Sixth International Bakery Industry Exhibition (ibex2012) with goals such as improving food consumption patterns in order to fulfill the objectives of subsidies, consumption of industrial culture, how to invest in the industry and create a platform for interaction and collaboration more bread in the bread industry December 1391 at the Tehran International Exhibition will be held in the space covering 16,000 square meters..

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Khuzestan Yeast Company

    Having started production in February 2002 in Dezful, Khuzestan Instant Active dry yeast Company has been supplied its products, with commercial name of “Dez mayeh”, to the domestic and overseas markets. Relying on annual production of over 6000 MT of instant dry yeast in year, this company plays a major role in supplying dry yeast of the domestic market , producing high quality bread reducing bread wastes and improving community health. The company is equipped with the state of art and most advanced machineries, equipments and production line facilities manufactured by the renowned European companies and benefiting from up to date technology of Europe (Frings Austria) and knowledge, expertise and capabilities of domestic experts.

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