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  • The text provided already discusses the process of baking Tafton bread, an old and delicious Iranian bread, emphasizing the use of sourdough, which falls under the broader category of Yeast for Baking, Types of Bread Yeast, and Baker’s yeast. Sourdough, a type of Baker’s yeast, is highlighted as the key ingredient in making homemade Tafton bread, emphasizing the ease and satisfaction of baking this traditional bread at home, whether on a saj or in a gas oven. The use of sourdough, a natural and traditional form of yeast, enriches the bread with a distinct flavor and texture, setting it apart from commercial breads and showcasing the versatility and importance of understanding the Types of Bread Yeast, including Baker’s yeast, in home baking.

    How to make homemade tafton bread quickly in two ways

    If you are interested in baking bread at home, don’t miss how to make homemade tafton bread. The baking steps and ingredients for tafton bread are very accessible and you can cook aromatic and delicious bread on your saj, in the oven or a cast iron pot whenever you want in your kitchen. The smell of fresh bread in the home environment at the beginning of an exciting day is an indescribable pleasure. Homemade tafton is one of the traditional round homemade breads that was used in Iranian villages in the old days. Of course, baking tafton bread is also common in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

    Tafton bread is made with sourdough; The amazing brown powder (sourdough) makes your bread puffy and delicious. If you want to get to know this product better and know what benefits it has, reading the article What is Sourdough is not without grace! Well, it’s best to get to the point and start baking tafton bread.

    Ingredients needed to bake homemade tafton bread

    To cook homemade tafton bread in the best way, you must carefully prepare the ingredients. The ingredients are:

    Flour500 grams
    Instant sourdough2 tablespoons
    Liquid oil3 tablespoons
    Salt1 tablespoon
    Sugar1 tablespoon
    Warm water1 cup

    Steps to make homemade tafton bread in a pot or on saj

    Step one

    First, we want to test the health of the sourdough to make sure it is healthy! Choose a suitable container and pour the instant sourdough into it, then add sugar and warm water to the Sourdough in order. Mix all the ingredients, place the container in a dark and relatively warm place, and cover it with a cloth, wait 5 to 10 minutes for the sourdough to react. This amount of ingredients is suitable for 6 people, if you want to bake more bread and do not know how much sourdough to add to the flour, you can read the article How much sourdough is needed for each kilo of flour.

    Step two

    At this time when you have set aside the Sourdough to react, you can do the rest of the steps to make your dough. Sift the flour 3 times and pour it into a container along with oil and salt. At this stage, add the reacted yeast and gently start kneading the dough with greased hands. Gradually add water to the mixture. (Do this step until the flour gathers in the middle of the container) Note that the amount of water you add depends on the amount of your flour.

    Step three

    When you have kneaded all the ingredients well and mixed them, choose a large container and grease it completely inside. Put the dough in the container and cover it with a cloth. Place the container in a warm place and allow the dough to proof for 1 1/2 to 1 1/2 hours.

    Step four

    At this stage, remove the dough from the container after resting and place it on the work surface. Knead the dough a little so that its air completely comes out, then divide the dough into 60-gram pieces and let them rest for a quarter.

    Step five

    After a quarter, smooth out the pieces with a rolling pin and make them round. If you want your bread to have a patterned surface, pattern it with a fork.

    Step six

    Place a nonstick pan on the heat and let it get completely hot. Now it’s time to flatten the shaped dough in the pan. You can optionally add some black seeds or sesame seeds to the dough. When the bread puffs up and bubbles form on it, flip the dough over and let the other side cook as well. Now your tafton bread is ready to enjoy.

    How to make tafton bread in the oven

    The steps of baking tafton bread in the oven are similar to the recipe instructions mentioned above until you smooth out the dough with a rolling pin. Turn on the oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes to heat it properly. Place the flattened dough on an oven tray and make some holes in it with a fork so that the air released during baking can escape. Put the tray in the middle rack of the oven, it takes only 10 minutes to bake bread in the oven.


    In this article, we fully explained how to make homemade tafton bread in two methods, we hope by reading this article you can easily prepare this delicious bread at home and enjoy eating it with your family. If you have prepared tafton bread at home with this recipe, please share your feedback with others. It is also worth mentioning that by reading the article How to Make Homemade Bread at Home, you can also benefit from other bread-baking methods.

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