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  • Making bread with yeast is one of the most challenging parts of cooking at home. Bread is one of the main items in the diet of Iranians. It will be easy to use yeast in baking bread and having fresh yeast will give you soft bread. Yeast is used in baking bread and sweets, and as an effective ingredient, it makes bread softer by converting fermentable sugars into carbon. The bread baked with yeast has a high quality and does not leave a hole due to its mild taste and crispy crust. The acids present in fermentation will help to break down the gluten, which makes it digestible and absorbed by the body.


    Preparation of homemade bread  yeast

    Yeast is a type of fungus that needs sugar for nutrition. To prepare bread yeast, powerful yeast is produced by using bacteria in flour and air. The necessary ingredients for making bread are the appropriate amount of the following ingredients.


    Use wheat flour. Because it has nutrients such as iron and zinc for body bacteria. This method improves the quality of bread. The use of white flour will not be an obstacle either.


    By activating the amylase enzyme, water will turn starches into sugars. Enzymes like bacteria and fungi and can feed on them.


    One of the important items is making bread at home by  using yeast. Yeast gives a pleasant taste to bread. Dissolve bread yeast in lukewarm water and sugar and leave it aside for 10 minutes to act. control the water temperature; Hot water kills the yeast.


    Oil makes the bread soft and crispy. Because the presence of oil and butter surrounds the gluten and this delays its formation. As a result, the bread has a pleasant texture with the presence of yeast and butter.

    lukewarm water

    Warm water and sugar play a role in yeast activation. Of course, water is needed to mix dry ingredients. You need water and milk to mix the dough. In addition to these things, don’t forget salt! This will make the bread taste delicious. Pay attention not to mix the salt directly with the bread yeast, which will cause the yeast to not work.

    If you have no knowledge about the function of yeast. Read the article All About Yeast Production Process and What is Yeast? We suggest you.

    The steps of making bread with yeast

    • First, bring the butter or oil to room temperature.
    • In the second step, make the leaven.
    • Mix flour and salt with yeast and lukewarm water.
    • To have a bread, you have to knead it.
    • Place the bread dough in a greased container, cover it and let it rest for one and a half to two hours. Note that the ambient temperature should not be too cold or too hot.
    • At the end of the resting time to prepare the bread, it is better to knead it. With this method, the excess air in the bread is removed. Shape the bread dough into a loaf and let it rest for half an hour to 40 minutes.
    • At the end of the second break, put the bread in the oven, which has already been heated to 170 to 190 degrees Celsius; After 30 minutes, your bread will be ready.

    Important tips in baking bread | Making homemade bread with yeast

    1. Use fresh bread yeast. Test the health of the yeast before use
    2. Use salt properly
    3. Take the first and second yeast break seriously. Not resting the dough makes it not puffy.
    4. The quality of bread depends on choosing the right flour. The dough of bran flour is not as bulky as white flour.
    5. Measure the bread dough ingredients. The difference in the amount of water, yeast, flour or salt will cause problems in the final quality.
    6. Continue kneading the bread dough for ten minutes to a quarter of an hour.

    Last word | Making homemade bread with yeast

    Making bread with yeast may seem difficult. By following the points mentioned in the text and buying high-quality yeast, baking bread is no longer an impossible dream for you. Khuzestan Yeast Company, with the presence of two brands of yeast, Desmayeh and Shatab, has been able to meet the needs of customers at the domestic and foreign levels.

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