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  • Cheese yeast is one of the products that is mostly used in dairy companies for the production of industrial and factory cheeses. You may wonder if cheese yeast is the same as leaven when you hear the name of this product. We should say no, they are just both in the yeast family; but have different applications. If you want to know more about making cheese with yeast, read our article to the end.

    What is cheese yeast?

    Cheese is one of the most delicious dairy products that many people start their morning by eating bread and cheese. The salty taste of cheese along with a cup of sweet tea makes you feel great! This is a familiar taste, whether you are a child or adult, you must have enjoyed eating it at least once.

    As we said in previous articles, there are 500 types of yeasts, each for producing a product. Cheese yeast is also a fermenter that is different from yeasts used for baking bread. This yeast causes the milk to ferment and act proteolytically and lipolytically. This process also leads to the conversion of milk into cheese. In dairy companies, yeasts are one of the main raw materials for cheese production. Making cheese with yeast is very easy and does not require any experience.

    In order for cheese to be produced, the proteins in the milk must be broken down by enzymes. As a result of this breakdown, the liquid coagulates. In the past and even now, vinegar is also used to break down the enzymes in milk.

    Application of cheese yeast

    Cheese yeast is used to produce halal moldy cheeses. This material is a plant coagulant that contains the fungus Rhizomucor miehei. This fungus is capable of producing proteolytic enzymes. It should be noted that acids such as citric acid or lactic acid are also used in many companies to coagulate milk.

    Types of cheese yeast

    The production of natural cheese yeast is very limited due to the limited number of mammals, so plants, fungi, and microbial sources are used to coagulate milk. In other countries, there are interesting methods for curdling milk. For example, fig water is used in Greece.

    The price of buying the best yeast

    The best existing cheese yeast is natural or animal yeast. This product is found directly from the stomach of calves, goats, and sheep. This cheese yeast is widely used in the production of traditional high-fat cheeses.

    Cheese making tutorial with yeast

    1. Pour the milk into a pot and place it on heat until it gets hot. Note that you should only warm up the milk and not boil it.
    2. Measure the temperature of the milk, after reaching 90 degrees, remove it from heat to let it cool down. Let the temperature of the milk decrease to the extent that if you put your finger in it, your hand won’t burn and it’s just slightly warm.
    3. Now it’s time to mix the cheese yeast, water and salt together and add them to the milk. Cover the milk container and place it in a warm, dark place.
    4. After an hour, open the milk container and drain the yellow whey on top. Place a mesh cloth on the colander and pour the contents of the pot into it, allowing it to drain completely. Then place a heavy object on top to press out any excess liquid.
    5. After 4 to 5 hours, make some salt water in a lidded container. Take the cheese out and cut it into your desired pieces. Put the cheeses in the brine. Your cheese is ready. Now you have been able to make a tasty, healthy homemade cheese using cheese yeast.

    The difference between cheese tablets and cheese yeast

    Cheese yeast is produced naturally and is a natural substance, but cheese tablets are a chemical substance that is produced in laboratories. Cheese tablets contain preservatives and cheese made with them has greater durability.


    As mentioned, yeasts have various types. And cheese yeast is one of the products that is used in dairy companies for cheese production. In this article we learned that we can easily make a tasty homemade cheese in the shortest time and with basic ingredients using yeast starter. By the way, do you have experience making cheese with yeast? Share this experience with your other friends and tell about your experiences.

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