Khuzestan yeast company

Khuzestan Yeast Factories in Khuzestan Province and Top Yeast Factories in Kermanshah Province  are  operating under a single management and with high technical, executive and managerial capabilities with the aim of producing biotechnology products in the field of food industry and bread yeast production for more than twenty year  and they have  exported their instant dry yeast product with the brand names: Desmaye – Shatab – X Power and Nan Maye   In domestic and foreign markets.

The production lines of the factory have been designed, installed and operated by the Austrian Frings company based on the latest European technology. For a long time, we have made a significant contribution to the supply of yeast for consumption in the country, and as a result, improving the quality of all types of bread, reducing waste and improving the general health of society, and at the same time, we export more than half of our products to neighboring countries, CIS countries, Africa, Europe and  south  America. The plan of the hardworking managers of the collection is to become the largest production hub of this product in Iran and the region in the first step.

High quality product

In proper packing

Shipping products all over the world

Special discounts on products

Made from the best raw material

Knowledge-based and innovative company

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