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  • You must have heard the name bread yeast many times and you know how to make bread with yeast. Common breads like Sangak bread are also helped by bread yeast to have the right sour dough to prepare high-quality bread. Yeasts are a type of fungus that use the sugars and oxygen in the dough to produce new yeast cells and carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide increases the volume of the dough, resulting in fragrant, spongy and light bread. The right temperature makes the fermentation speed; As a result, providing the right temperature for yeast activity is very important and effective.

    What is bread yeast?

    Yeasts are able to convert sugar into alcohol, carbon dioxide and some aromatic compounds. If enough heat reaches the yeast; The fermentation process proceeds quickly. Of course, yeast is also alive at cold temperatures; But freezing destroys the fermentation. Of course, on the other hand, too much heat also disables the fermentation process. Apart from the mentioned cases. The use of bread yeast creates a pleasant aroma and taste of bread with high nutritional value.

    Types of yeast The best bread yeast

    To know the types of yeast, you should pay attention to its use. Depending on the type of application, there are different types of yeast that we will mention below:

    dry yeast or sourdough

    Dry yeast is one of the most widely used types of yeast. There are different forms and types, including instant yeast, coarse grain or dry yeast.
    The fineness of the grains of this style of bread yeast allows it to dissolve easily with liquids and is easily mixed with other dry ingredients.

    Baking bread with yeast does not need to activate the yeast before use, and this option is the most suitable type of yeast for bread machines. Most bakers perform a yeast health test to ensure the freshness of the yeast. In this regard, we have published an article entitled Testing the healthiness of yeast, which we recommend reading. Buying the best bread yeast that is fresh and of the best quality; It brings the desired result.

    Industrial yeast

    Industrial yeast or compressed yeast with white and light brown color is available in the market, which is easily powdered by hand. This bread yeast is also a type of leaven that is stored in the form of cube packages inside the freezer. The taste of this yeast is similar to bread.

    liquid yeast

    Liquid yeast is also an example of yeast that is very difficult to store. The most use of liquid yeast is for large industrial companies, and when using it, hygiene points, including regular sterilization, should be taken seriously to prevent the growth of bacteria.

    Benefits of using yeast in foods

    Foods rich in yeast provide protein and B group vitamins in the body. Because yeast is also present in intestinal bacteria; It is necessary to use the best bread yeast for the health of the digestive system. With the presence of fermented bread, the human body can better absorb vitamins and minerals in food.

    Possible disadvantages of using bread yeast

    yeast, which is mainly used to prepare bread and bake it; There is no harm to health! Just note that the storage conditions of bread yeast are very important and you should take this issue seriously. All types of yeast lose their function in hot temperature conditions and will taste sour. This makes the bread bitter.

    Which foods control the fermentation of bread yeast?

    Sugar and salt will activate the bread yeast and make it tasty. These two substances have the osmotic ability to absorb water and remove some living cells, which causes the bread to ferment faster and the dough to increase in volume.

    To make yeast, first mix sugar in diluted water or salt with dry ingredients. Or add to the batter later while mixing

    How to store different types of yeast

    Depending on which style of yeast you use in your baking process, you should pay attention to its basic maintenance

    Fresh yeast: This product should always be kept in the refrigerator and in a closed container. Pay attention to its expiration date.

    Dry yeast: these yeasts should be stored in closed containers or unopened packages in the freezer, refrigerator or dry environments. If you keep the opened package in the refrigerator; It should come to room temperature before use


    Yeasts exist naturally in nature and then they are mass produced under the cultivation process. To start the process of cultivating yeasts, a large amount of it is not needed, and under suitable conditions, it starts with a small amount of cultivation.

    The problems that exist during the production of yeasts are the presence of a large number of undesirable microorganisms that seek to create growth conditions to negatively affect the production of yeast. To stay away from these conditions, the sterilization of the environment and materials should be taken seriously. In the end, it should be said that the presence of high-quality bread yeast is necessary to achieve the desired result. Khuzestan Yeast Company is very well known in the yeast industry with the presence of two prominent brands, Desmayeh and Shatab, in Iran and global markets. Do not hesitate to contact our experts and place your order.

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