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  • Baker’s yeas, falling under the category of Yeast for Baking and one of the many Types of beer yeas, stands as a prime example among the hundreds of yeasts available globally, specifically utilized in the baking of bread and sweets. Yeasts are remarkable substances capable of converting fermentable sugars into carbon dioxide. This process not only contributes to the bread’s rise but also imparts a pleasant taste. Additionally, the acids present in the yeast facilitate the breakdown of gluten, enhancing the bread’s digestibility and making it easier for the body to assimilate. This attribute of Baker’s yeas underscores the critical role yeasts play in the culinary world, transforming simple ingredients into delicious, easily digestible baked goods.

    What is yeast? | Baker’s yeast

    A baker needs to use enough leavening agent in the flour to achieve a light texture in the bread.  Sourdough makes the dough bulky.

    Bread yeast is a living single-cell organism that starts its activity in the vicinity of water and sugar. As a result of the activity with the production of carbon dioxide gas and organic materials in the dough, it increases the volume and makes the bread puffy. Bakery dough gives a good taste to bread

    If you are interested in this topic, in a separate article on the topic of what is yeast? We have taken a comprehensive look at this issue.

    The amount of yeast for each kilo of flour

    The amount of yeast for each kilo of flour should be measured with a certain amount. A certain amount of dry or active yeast, instant yeast, for each amount of flour, 1 to 1.5% of it will need yeast. It means that you need 10 to 15 grams of yeast for one kilo of flour.

    Important note: for each teaspoon of dry yeast, it is equivalent to five milliliters or three and a half grams.

    If a bakery uses fresh yeast to bake bread. It needs 30 to 40 grams of fresh liquid dough for each kilo of flour.

    It doesn’t matter if you use active or instant yeast, the same ratio should be followed. Of course, the ratio of converting instant yeast to fresh is one to three. That is, the amount of fresh yeast should be divided by three to determine the volume of instant yeast. For example, if you have 30 grams of fresh Baker’s yeast, you should use 10 grams of instant yeast in the dough.

    How should yeast be stored in the bakery?

    If the baker’s yeast is healthy, it will make the dough work. As you know, the expiration date of yeast is six months, of course, depending on the storage conditions.

    The best place to store baking yeast is to use a plastic container that does not allow air to enter the ingredients. Storing in the refrigerator increases the life of the yeast. For more health of bread yeast, it is better to keep it in specific packages. Temperature changes decrease the yield of yeast.

    Important tips for making yeast dough | Baker’s yeas

    – To activate the yeast, you need to add a little sugar to it to make it work faster.

    – Use warm milk instead of hot water.

    Do not add salt to the yeast; On the contrary, sugar prevents yeast from acting.

    – The water added to the yeast should not be hot or too cold.

    – Keep it in the refrigerator or freezer for better performance.

    The fresher the yeast, the better it works. The shelf life of yeast is usually 6 months.

    – For better performance, you must process it before adding it to the dough. to make sure it is healthy.

    – take the kneading of the dough seriously; Because bread needs kneading and a warm environment to work.  Bring the yeast to room temperature before use

    Bakery yeast in Iran

    Yeast plays the most important role in the preparation of bread containing yeast. Fermented breads with bread yeast have a wonderful taste and texture. The importance of leaven in making bread is so high that if the baked bread is not of good quality, you should seek to control the amount of yeast.

    The use of chemical additives in any food is not allowed. These substances have a lot of damage to the health of people in the society. This issue leads to more concern in relation to bread. All kinds of bread are products that will be used by citizens. With these interpretations, the use of sugar ink and baking soda was banned and it has been replaced by baker’s yeast.

    Iran is one of the countries that has a good position in the production and export of yeast in the world. Baker’s yeas With these interpretations, there is no need to worry about the preparation of baking dough

    How to use Baker’s yeats

    1.8 grams of dry yeast is needed for the production of each 650 gram loaf of Sangak bread, 1.75 gram of yeast for each 600 gram loaf of Berber bread, and 0.925 gram of bread yeast for each 287 gram loaf of Tufton bread.

    Each 172-gram loaves of bread requires 0.55 grams of baker’s yeast. According to experts, the per capita consumption of bread dough for every Iranian is 250 grams, which should be taken seriously.

    Conclusion |Baker’s yeats

    Bread is the most food item in the family’s nutrition basket. If this food is not of acceptable quality; It causes many problems for human health.

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